Cape May, NJ - May 2016

We stayed with a lovely AIRBNB host in a well kept Victorian home on Ocean St. The apartment was in an excellent location, near the downtown mall and the shore.

Since we were near the shore we took several long walks along the boardwalk. One such day we walked from Ocean St to the end of the boardwalk to Sunset Pavilion. We met a fellow there taking pictures and talked to him about the best places to take photos.

Another day, we drove to Sunset Beach. We saw the WWII lookout tower, the SS Atlantus, the most famous of the Concrete Ships built after WWI (pictured below on the left). We walked along the beach and through the nature preserve. The Cape May light house is located at Sunset Beach.

We did a walking tour of the neighborhood just east of Ocean St, along Washington St and close by. “The entire city of Cape May is designated the Cape May Historic District, National Historic Landmark due to its concentration of Victorian buildings” (Wikipedia). We especially admired the Emlen Physick house.

See our Photo Album for more examples of the beauty of Cape May.